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Date:October 29, 2013

Zest Festival 2013

The Kalbarri Zest Festival¬† commemorates the wreck of the Dutch East India company’s trading ship, the Zuytdorp, which crashed off the cliffs, north of Kalbarri in 1712.

This years Zest Festival celebrated¬† all thinsg South African, with Capetown being an important stop for weary sailors embarking on the long journey across the sea. Students at Kalbarri DHS learnt about many aspects South African culture – its food, many tribes and its amazing wildlife. Students’work was on display at the Zest Festival stall on Kalbarri foreshore as well as at the school libary, which was open for public viewing. A group of students was also selected to perform at the Chamber of Rhetoric on the beach, with bonfire burning in the background.